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Are you looking for an ant exterminator near me? For cost-effective ant removal from your property, contact Som Pest Control Services. We provide reasonable ant eradication services in Delhi NCR. Holding a licence to offer professional support and having 12+ years of expertise in pest control.

Welcome to Som Pest Control Services, specialises in controlling pests to the property of any size! For years, we have served our ant pest control services to villas, apartments, grocery stores, restaurants, food factories, and all types of properties where ants can infest.

Causes of Ant Infestation in Your Property

Food sources: Ants like sweet, greasy, and sugary foods. Open food containers attract ants. That is why ant infestation is higher at restaurants and grocery stores.

Water sources: Ants need water to survive. Hence, they make their shelter where there is moisture, such as sinks, bathtubs, and leaky pipes. Your kitchen is the best source here.

Shelter: Ants seek shelter from extreme temperatures, heavy rain, or other environmental factors. Hence, they love to live in your house.

Cracks and crevices: Ants can make their nests to small cracks and crevices in walls, windows, and doors. They may like to live in wall voids, attics, and crawl spaces.

Transfer from outdoor colonies: It may possible that they enter your property if an outdoor colony is disturbed or destroyed.

Professional Ant Control Services

As a professional exterminator we use a variety of methods to control an ant infestation. It also depends on the severity and type of ant species present.

Inspection: The foremost step in controlling an ant infestation is to identify the species of ant and locate the source of the infestation. Our exterminators first conduct inspection of your property.

Baiting: Though it is an age old technique it is effective. The bait contains a slow-acting poison that the ants carry back to their colonies, killing the ants over time.

Sprays: Looking at the rate of infestation, we may use residual insecticide sprays to kill ants on contact. We use eco-friendly chemicals keeping in mind the heath of your well beings.

Powder: We may use powder dusting to cracks and crevices where ants are likely to travel as it can be effective in killing hidden ant colonies.

Barrier Treatments: We may practice a barrier treatment around the perimeter of your property to prevent ants from entering. It is a liquid insecticide that repels ants.

Colony Elimination: For severe infestations, we may use the method to eliminate entire ant colonies. They include using insecticidal dusts or baits to target the queen ant.

Top FAQs

It depends on the rate of infestation and the property type. If you have a garden, you may require ant removal session at least twice in a year. If you have a commercial property, you may need ant removal at least four or five times in a year.

Yes, we offer discounts to existing customers. Many of our existing customers are associated with us for years.

It is easy to get our ant control services in Delhi NCR. You can book our services at +91-8860788460

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