Get the Best Termite Pest Control Services in Delhi, Gurgaon, & Noida

Do you know the most common cause of termite infestation is moisture? Leaky faucets, damaged roof tiles, garden mulch, and wooden furniture can be reason for termite infestation.

Don’t worry if your property is dealing with termites because Some Pest Control Services are always available to help you. We are a leading termite control service provider in Delhi NCR. We use eco-friendly ways for termite treatment at home, office, construction sites, and manufacturing units. Irrespective of the size of your property, we ensure to keep it free from termites. You can contact us for pre-construction and post construction termite treatment in Delhi. We have provided effective termite control services to large construction companies at cost effective prices. Many of them are in touch with us.

Who can Contact Us for Termite Treatment Services in Delhi?

Termite Solution for Home

We offer termite pest control in Delhi and its surrounding areas like Gurgaon and Noida. You can book our service for apartments, villas, and independent houses.

Termite Solution for Construction Sites

Yes, we offer pre-construction and post-construction termite control services. You can book us for termite treatment regardless of the property size.

Termite Solution for Offices

Delhi NCR offices can get in touch with us for time to time affordable termite control solutions for their offices.

Termite Solution for Manufacturing Units

Delhi NCR manufacturing units can feel free to get termite solution from us occasionally. We have affordable packages for them to save more.

Our Five Effective Termite Treatment Plans

Close Inspection

We conduct a close inspection of your property to know the infested area. After that, a custom termite treatment plan is made by our experts to provide the best treatment.

Pesticide Treatment

We use organic and environment-friendly pesticides and chemicals to treat termites. The pesticide is directly applied into the infested wood or ground. We may create holes to trap and kill termites.

Soil Treatment

Termites are present in the grounded areas. Therefore, before construction the soil needs to be treated to make the foundation of the building stronger.

Bait Treatment

If pesticides seem ineffective, we use the bait technique to catch and kill termites. We use various types of bait techniques to trap termites.

Temperature Treatment

At present, we are working on temperature treatment. However, the technique has yet to come. We will soon welcome the technique in our list.

Top FAQs

Termites can go undetected in your property for years until you notice some visible signs. A termite colony can damage the beauty of your home. So, always look around your garden to notice termite colonies, doors, and sink areas.

We offer affordable termite treatment in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon as compared to our competitors. You can consult us for affordable termite solution.

Because termites multiply rapidly, it is difficult to get rid of completely in one session. You may require some sessions in a short interval and then you can extend the session interval.

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