Cockroach Pest Control Services in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, & NCR

Expert in controlling cockroaches for more than 12 years & have a valid license to practice pest exterminator in Delhi NCR

Som Pest Control Services has been practicing cockroach treatment or roach control services in Delhi NCR for more than 12 years. The company is pioneer in providing effective cockroach control services to residential and commercial properties like hotels, restaurants, retails, warehouses, etc. Book our services by dialling us at +91-8860788460

What do you know about cockroaches? In Delhi NCR, the rate of cockroach infestation is higher because interconnected sewage system, congested homes, and humid weather during summers. Owners of homes on the ground floor are more likely to have this issue than those who live upstairs. Is there any solution to control the rate of infestation? Don’t worry; you can control cockroach infestation more than 70% if you hire a professional cockroach exterminator near you.

For Residents in Delhi NCR to Control Cockroaches

Book our cockroach pest control services or any cockroach exterminator near me during the beginning, middle, and end of the summer. Why in summers? Because when temperature is on rise, it helps increase the metabolic rate of roaches and cockroaches, resulting in faster growth of the insect.

(Golden Tips: Allowing sunlight into your home is the best natural remedy you can do. Keep your kitchen windows open to make it breezy, especially when cooking and at night.)

For Commercial Properties in Delhi NCR to Control Cockroaches

They can book our cockroach control services throughout the year, especially hotels, restaurants, retailers, manufacturing units, malls and warehouses. Restaurants can book our service every month to control infestation. Similarly, retail chains and malls can look for our services once in a month.

The busy kitchen area is a favourite location to house cockroaches. Here it gets hot and humid environment and food to grow fast. Hence, there is a need of expert exterminators to control them.

How Do Our Cockroach Pest Control Services Differ & Supreme?
  • Our experience comes first. Our crew of knowledgeable exterminators is familiar with roach hiding places. As a result, they can offer practical solutions.

  • We use liquid and powdered solutions that are efficient and environmentally friendly at killing cockroaches.

  • Dare to use effective spray tools that can reach to corners to provide the best pest control assistance.

  • We offer affordable sessions for our existing customers. You can discuss with us to learn more about it.

  • We seal the areas through net and sealing from where cockroach can live and enter the property.

Top FAQs

Cockroach Bait: It is a mixture of poison and food that attracts cockroaches. Once they consume it, they die.
Cockroach Traps: Adhesive traps that are placed in areas where cockroaches are likely to be present.
Cockroach Sprays: These are aerosol sprays that are used to kill cockroaches on contact.
Cockroach Gel: This is a gel-based insecticide that is in small dots where cockroaches are likely to be present.
Electronic Repellents: These are devices that emit high-frequency sound waves to repel cockroaches.
Insecticide Powders: To apply in areas where cockroaches are likely to be present. Once they come in contact with the powder, they die.

As it is mentioned above it depends on the type of property you have. Commercial properties need regular treatment. You can talk to us to learn more.

It is easy to book our services by calling us at +91-8860788460

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